Saving Wildlife from Poaching

Follow our team of former police, wildlife investigators, military elite & woodsmen as we share news on case updates, arrests, new anti-poaching technology, and more.

Poachers Are Now the Prey

With a $10,000 bounty on each of their heads, Poachers have nowhere to hide. Support Poacher Strike Force as they hunt these criminals down.

Why Care

Wildlife poaching is rampant in our country today. Poachers, motivated by greed, are supplying a black market that pays for animal parts and organs, decimating their populations in our mountains, forests, and oceans.

close up shot of bear
Poacher Strike Force is currently taking down poaching rings in the U.S. Please support the team. Your donation goes for important equipment and resources that are necessary for the surveillance and capture of these criminals. We need your help and can’t do it alone.

How We Protect

Track Down Leads

Our team of professionals follows up on leads, and anonymous tips of poaching activity given to us by the public nationwide. Various technologies enable the team to gather documentation which can assist wildlife and other law enforcement agencies in the arrest and prosecution of these violators.
wildlife poacher infrared

Surveillance and Protection

Today’s private sector and military-grade surveillance equipment memorializes these illegal and poaching activities forever. This gives all our viewers a very accurate and realistic picture of what these scofflaws are really capable of doing.

Serious protection efforts of the natural resources and general citizenry can then be employed. In addition, the safety of the many law enforcement officials involved is of the utmost importance.

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Notify the Public

Poacher Strike Force realizes that we can’t do our jobs without the public’s help. We keep current cases updated on our website and Facebook page to help encourage the ongoing mission to protect wildlife from criminal enterprises. We work hand in hand with the organization Help Asheville Bears. Sponsored rewards by H.A.B. play an integral part in Poacher Strike Force receiving pertinent, timely information.

Success Stories

Be part of our team by helping Poacher Strike Force combat poaching.

Poacher Strike Force- a team of former police, wildlife investigators, military elite & woodsmen. Case updates, arrests, new anti-poaching technology. Help us track down and prosecute wildlife poachers.