What are funds used for that go to Poacher Strike Force?
Funds to Poacher Strike Force go to pay the brave men and women of PSF to stop poachers and towards the most modern high-tech equipment to stop those hurting the animals we all love.
Who is Poacher Strike Force?

Poacher Strike Force is a group of elite military personnel, law enforcement investigators, and professional woodsmen who have come together to stop poachers, with the support of a large reward and bounty system in conjunction with Help Asheville Bears.

How can I help?

The biggest help is to like and follow this cause and share to all you can. If you’re able, and it would not take away support from another good cause, you can also support Poacher Strike Force by donating to the non-profit, Help Asheville Bears , who sponsors rewards and pays for the services of Poacher Strike Force. The rewards are private-sponsored, therefore all donations to HAB go to paying for the professionals at Poacher Strike Force and their equipment to stop poachers. You can also directly support Poacher Strike Force through their GoFundMe

How will I hear about poachers being stopped and see the results of my support?
By following Poacher Strike Force, you will get all the releases of investigations for free, see poachers being stopped, and hear the stories behind the investigations. Our goal is to release our content back to the followers and public so everyone can take part and show interest in wildlife being saved.
How can I report a tip?

You can visit our report-a-tip page. You can also call or message Poacher Strike Force 24/7 at 877-PSF-TIPS (877-773-8477). All tips are confidential. You can be an anonymous hero, and receive a very large reward.

Who is HAB?

Help Asheville Bears is a nonprofit group that is privately funded to sponsor large rewards to stop bear and other Wildlife poaching. Donations from the general public are tax deductible and go to support the men and women of Poacher Strike Force and their equipment used to stop poachers from tips through HABs reward program.

Be part of our team by helping Poacher Strike Force combat poaching.

Poacher Strike Force- a team of former police, wildlife investigators, military elite & woodsmen. Case updates, arrests, new anti-poaching technology. Help us track down and prosecute wildlife poachers.