Team Leaders

Our Mission

We will eradicate the poaching of wildlife in the United States and abroad.

Team Leaders Group

“The causes of poaching vary, but the myth that most poachers are committing their offenses to provide food is in reality not even a fraction of a percentage of all cases prosecuted. Often, modern poaching is done by criminals driving $30,000 vehicles, using expensive night-vision technology, illegal silencers on the firearms, and often military-style rifles.”

Pennsylvania Game Commission Bureau of Wildlife Protection Director Richard Palmer

The Team

Meet the leaders of each sector within PSF that work together to bring down poachers.


Ski is the owner and team leader of the Poacher Strike Force. Chasing Poachers lets the same thrill take over him that he got from his 3 decades as a Raleigh police officer; battling evil, standing up for those (wildlife) who can’t defend themselves, and showing right vs. wrong through actions.

When he’s on his free time, he loves reading, exercising, going to church, and hunting. Ski’s family spends time with their 2 rescue dogs, Abbey & Smokey.


Mark is the Wildlife Violation Investigator and Wildlife Law Enforcement Support person. He’s driven by saving wildlife resources for future generations. A former Game Warden Lieutenant with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, he brings critical skills to the team.

When he’s not chasing poachers, you can find him running, hunting, fishing, bee keeping, and crushing Spartan Races, or hanging out with his Great Dane, Spotted Turtle, and pet Kingsnake.

Be part of our team by helping Poacher Strike Force combat poaching.

Poacher Strike Force- a team of former police, wildlife investigators, military elite & woodsmen. Case updates, arrests, new anti-poaching technology. Help us track down and prosecute wildlife poachers.